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"You feel real to me, Clippy."

When the world’s most unpopular piece of anthropomorphic stationary was put out to pasture in 2007, no-one shed a tear. But the damage was lasting. Since then, we’ve treated the idea of a spunky AI helper with nothing but skepticism. But—with hindsight—there’s argument that Clippy was an abomination born of sound intentions and ham-fisted execution. He—and he was a he—just wanted to help. A lot. But like a toddler with a toy hammer, Clippy was as indiscriminate as he was ineffective.

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A Tale of Two Techies: What Apple Can Learn From the Story of Another Tech Giant

Once upon a time in the 80’s, a visionary helped a tech company launch an entire category of consumer electronics. At the time, The New York Times said of its new president: "[to his critics], he is an aspiring monopolist, squeezing supply and jacking up prices.” Despite falling from prominence in the 90’s, the company would then return to glory in the 2000’s until its CEO fell terminally ill a little over a decade later, leaving fans and investors questioning the company’s future. This story may sound very familiar, but I'm not talking about Apple, Inc.

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Human Innovation As Sport

As a top-ranked college swimmer, Bruce Gemmell shied away from success at a high level, left the sport and became an engineer, garnering eleven patents for his innovations. Years later he returned to swimming with a great opportunity to coach Katie Ledecky following the 2012 Olympics (where she won gold and set an American record at age 15). With lessons learned in his previous experiences that kept him from succeeding as a swimmer, yet propelling him to thrive as an innovative engineer, he developed an ability to not only guide Ledecky to even greater success, he did it in a way that brought out the best in both of them. It’s a great reminder that as much as innovative technology helps advance records and performances, there is no replacing the human element. Check out a profile of Gemmell here.

The Smell of LA

Development in Los Angeles seems to be at an all time high, for better or for worse. The city's downtown skyline is changing as the Korean Air Building climbs to new heights. Fears of Highland Park's extremely quick gentrification are spreading down to Boyle Heights. And two long-standing DIY music venues, havens for up-and-coming punk bands and their young fans are being shuttered. Pehrspace in Echo Park has already closed, and The Smell downtown is struggling for its life. Change can be good, but we need to remain aware of what makes our city our city before it becomes one generic parking garage.

Cultivating Compassion

There has been a lot of loss and tragedy happening in recent news, and we will address these things in time. Yes, contact your representatives; yes, stand up for what is right. But also, look within, take care of yourself, cultivate satisfaction and happiness within yourself and perhaps that can help make the world a better place in many ways - both in perception and reality. Check out these scientific tips for happiness and also this wonderful article about learning how to be compassionate to yourself. Then, maybe we can learn and grow and all start to be a little more compassionate toward others.


Everyone has thought about how to achieve just a smidge of immortality -- accomplishing an effective and effecting long-lasting goal, helping save the environment, having kids -- it seems many of us humans want something of ourselves to last beyond our limited lifetime on earth. And now there is the transhumanist movement; one Russian man has been using technology to record everything around him in hopes that he will be able to keep his mind alive long after he's dead.

Water Works

Water is a precious resource, and we've been running out for awhile. Thanks to new efforts of drought-prevention, we have conserved and saved, so we can continue to live in this beautiful city for at least three more years. But the trend of conservation must continue.


Did you celebrate Bloomsday?

Self Portrait 

The selfies of modern monsters have nothing on Cindy Sherman's exquisite & professional self expression, representation, reflection, experimentation, and portraiture. Now through the fall, a special exhibit of Sherman's work will be at DTLA's The Broad Museum.


To all the victims, families, and people affected by the Orlando shooting, we offer our condolences and support.
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